Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 Most Popular Saddles of 2013: #4

This post is part of a series exploring the 10 most popular saddles from Horse Saddle Shop over the first half of 2013.

#4: Fabtron Haflinger Saddle 7186 | Price: $675.00

If you're a Haflinger or draft horse owner, I'm sure you've felt the squeeze when looking for a saddle. There isn't as much demand for an extra wide saddle as there is for something like an American Quarter Horse. Hence a drastically smaller selection of Haflinger and draft saddles.

That's why we have worked directly with Fabtron to bring you this Fabtron Haflinger Trail Saddle 7186, coming in at #4 on our list of Top 10 saddles for 2013.

In years past, we began to notice a trend of customers needing an extra wide saddle for a short backed horse. Makes sense, right? Well nobody made one! So we took our best selling Haflinger saddle, the Fabtron 7182, and worked directly with Fabtron to design the saddle YOU wanted. The result was the 7186. Now one of our top selling saddles and something you will only find at Horse Saddle Shop.

The shorter skirt allows your Haflinger freedom of movement without interfering with his hips. It also cuts down on the weight of this saddle coming in at only 22lbs! The weight of a cordura saddle is one of its best features. You'll really notice and appreciate it when tacking up a Haflinger or draft horse. A few less pounds to lift above your head is always a welcome improvement.

This saddle doesn't come with a lot of bling or detailed tooling. Just a simple, quality made saddle designed to get the job done.

It's short, it's light, and it doesn't break the bank. That's what has propelled this saddle to the #4 position in 2013.

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