Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Boot Giveaway: Ariat Showdown

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let’s Ride! Planning for the Upcoming Riding Season

Photo By: www.garyascott.com
Spring is here and now is the time to begin planning for the 2013 riding season. The possibilities may be endless of where we can ride. We all have our tried-and-true spots that we love to ride, but could there be some riding venues that you have yet to try? The most difficult part of the equation is when we can ride. Life sometimes gets in the way of our riding when our responsibilities to home and work get in the way.

If you ride with a group of folks, as many of us do, you may want to have some off-season conversations about where they would like to ride and possible dates that they would be available to ride. This is particularly important when you are talking about rides that are longer than a weekend. Many horse folks plan their vacations for camping and trail riding. 

Once you have the dates in mind, you have to decide where your riding venue will be. A good rule of thumb is to ride closer to home when you have fewer days to ride and venture out when you have more time to invest in travel. It doesn’t bode well if you spend more time on the road than in the saddle.
When investigating a new riding venue talk to folks who have first-hand experience of riding there and get their opinion of the trails, the camp, accommodations for horse and human alike. Does the camp have full service sites with electric, water, and shower/bath facilities? Are there stalls for the horses or hitching rails? What are the camping fees and riding costs for bridle tags, etc.? Contact the establishment and ask for brochures or any other printed information, or just have phone conversation to get a feel for the place. Always inquire about what kind of trails are available for riding. If you don’t get this information, you may show up at a venue with very challenging trails and a green horse or rider – not a good combination.  After you have all information available, share what you have learned with your riding partners to get their take on how they feel they would like the area. 

Once you know if the new riding venue will work, it is a good idea to book reservations early, particularly if you will be riding during a popular time of year. Horse camps will fill up quickly and you won’t want to wait too long to risk not getting a spot.
When planning your riding season it is best to have a good mix of locations, including those you have ridden before and new ones you would like to explore.  Making plans early will insure you will get to spend some great time in the saddle enjoying the surroundings of some wonderful trails.
Happy trails!
By: Darlene M. Cox (kyhomeagain@gmail.com)


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