Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ugly Photo of the Month

OK, so we're a little behind of Ugly Photo of the Month. We didn't want to gross you out with the sheer volume of grainy, sub-par photos that are out there. This month's nominee goes to a Billy Cook. Now Billy Cook saddles pretty much set the bar for saddle making. They're as top quality as you can get, drooled over by horse owners round the world, imitated by saddlemakers everywhere. Billy Cook makes saddles and they sell themselves, simple as that. But when you're shopping online, you want the best photographs possible, right? Unfortunately, Billy Cook's catalogs usually have a pretty low resolution; his product pictures don't do his products justice. But, as you can guess, many saddle shops don't go the extra mile. They just cut and paste pictures from the catalog. Here's the picture from the catalog of the 10-1777 Trail Saddle, which many shops online are using: Hmmm....Here's our photo: Which saddle would you rather buy? Which shop would you buy it from: the cut-and-pasters, or the get-professional-photo-shoots-so-the-products-look-real---ers? When you order a saddle from us, you're actually getting what you see online. How comforting. Lest we pat ourselves on the backs too much, we'll note that sometimes we too are guilty of cutting and pasting in our giddy excitement to get new products up. But then those products are first in line to get a photo shoot.