Thursday, March 5, 2015

MAILBAG: Did someone mess up?

Below are 2 pictures of the Billy Cook 2182 Arbuckle Wade Ranch saddle - one from the off side and one from the mounting side.   

One observant and curious customer recently asked...

Q: "Why is there an extra ring under the rigging dee on the mounting side - did someone mess up?" 
Here's the answer and a history lesson all at the same time.

A: Back in the day, cowboys often carried hobbles so that when they dismounted in a place where there was nothing to tie their horse to, they could put the hobbles on and know their horse wouldn't stray far.  So in the true spirit of the old west, Billy Cook puts this "hobble dee" on the Arbuckle Wade Ranch saddle to carry hobbles - or whatever else you might want to carry!

By the way, the Arbuckle Wade is our most popular ranch saddle.  Get a closer look at it here:  Billy Cook Arbuckle Wade Ranch Saddle