Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TMBR Trees: More Acronyms Decoded

TMBR Tree via Bowden Saddle Tree Co.

The saddle industry is full of acronyms that tend to get dismissed without being examined.

For instance, "TMBR." What is it? And more importantly, "why do I care?"

TMBR is a relatively well known acronym that stands for Toots Mansfield Barrel Racer. This type of tree is typically used on an all around or cow horse saddle.

But you probably already knew that. So, why do you care?

Toots was a world class calf roper back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. He helped design a tree to fit his needs. This design has been adopted by various tree manufacturers and altered to create a variety of TM trees - all with the same general design.

"BR" stands for Barrel Racer, referring to the bars of the saddle. Most barrel racing trees have shorter bars and the TMBR mimics this quality - a unique design not typically seen on versatility, all around, or cow horse saddles.

The most important quality of the TM tree is the generous leg cuts found on the swell, giving the rider somewhere to lock his/her legs when needed.

TMBR's are usually considered an all around saddle. The Crates TMBR saddles we carry here at the shop are rawhide covered for strength and durability. In the near future, these saddles will move from a rawhide reinforcement to a double fiberglass covered tree.

If you're looking for a solid saddle for light versatility work, the TMBR should be on your list. And with additional flare in the bars, you might find it a better fit for your horse too!