Friday, January 20, 2017

"Just Horsin’ Around: Trailer Packing Checklist 101”

Packing my bags is easy, but when it comes to packing the horse trailer, that is another story! Over the year of my family and I hitting up the local and state campgrounds or hauling to weekend show grounds to compete, we’ve tried numerous ways to organize our trailer. This might seem easy to most, however you will soon realize having horses can be a real chore. Below you will find the trailer checklist my family and I use on a daily basis when show and camping season is in full swing.
<b>The Essentials</b><br>
<li>Coggins & health certificate
<li>Wheel chocks
<li>First Aid Kits (Equine & Human)
<li>Camp / Show Information & directions
<li>Vehicle equipment
<b>Horse Equipment</b><br>
<li>Hay (Number of Hay Bales ____)
<li>Feed & scoop w/ large FILLED water jugs
<li>Salt blocks/ extra tack
<li>Hay bags / Lead ropes / Leather hole punch
<li>Manure fork / Bucket
<li>Shavings & foam squares
<li>Picket line / Grooming Tote which includes (brushes, combs, hoof picks, etc.)
<li>Saddles / Saddle Pads / Saddles Racks / Saddle Bags / Blankets
<li>Girths / Shipping Boots & Leg Wraps
<li>Fly Protection (Mask, Spray, Sheet)
<b>Vehicle Equipment</b><br>
Give thought to what you carry such as:<br>
Jumper cables, reflective wear, oil, towels, tool box, tire tool, tire jack, trailer ramp, etc.
<b>Camping Equipment</b><br>
<li>Sleeping Bags / Blankets / Sheets / Pillows
<li>Outdoor Extension Cords
<li>Flashlights / Lantern / Lamp Oil
<li>Grill / Firewood / Fuel / Stove
<li>Matches / Lighter / Gas
<li>Fan / Heaters
<li>Chairs / Table / Tablecloth
<li>Cooler (w/ Food & Drink)
<li>Cooking Utensils
<li>Plates / Cups / Silverware
<li>Dish Soap / Garbage Bags
<li>Paper Towels / Toilet Paper
<li>Hammer / Screw Drive / Shovel
<li>Level boards to level trailer
<li>Extra rope & ties
<li>Boots (Riding/Rubber)
<li>T-Shirts / Flannels / Vest
<li>Underwear / Socks
<li>Sweatshirts / Lightweight Jackets / Heavy Jackets
<li>Rain Gear (Ponchos)
<li>Chaps / Hate / Hunt Cap
<li>Shower Shoes
<li>Swim Suit
<b>Odds & Ends</b><br>
<li>Reflective Gloves & Wear
<li>Toiletries / Personal Care Items
<li>Soap / Shampoo / Razor / Make-up
<li>Deodorant / Toothpaste / Toothbrush
<li>Medication / Towels & Wash Cloths
<li>Aspirin / Pocket Knife / Mirror
<li>Extra Batteries
<li>Video Camera / Cell Phone / Charger
<li>Insect Repellent / Bee Sting Medication
<li>Sunscreen / Sunglasses / Reading Glasses
<li>Duct Tape / Gorilla Glue
<li>Safety Pins / Sharpie Markers
<li>Clock / Watch / Compass / Map
<li>Zip-lock Bags
<li>Dog Food / Water Bowl / Leash & Cable
<li>Riding Helmet

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Breaking Out Lacy

One of my favorite and most memorable experiences in the equine world would have taken place in July of 2016. I had been searching for another horse online and had found a 2-year-old Bay Roan Quarter Horse that I loved. I decided to contact the seller and see if she was available and two days later I headed down to Tennessee.

It was 11 hours one way to drive there and look at a horse I had never seen before, but as soon as I saw "Lacy" I knew she was coming home with me. In the first 5 minutes her quirky personality drew me to her. Purchasing this 2-year-old filly has been the greatest learning experience for me. After a few weeks of ground manners and desensitizing with a tarp, I decided that she was ready for a saddle.

Breaking out Lacy has been so rewarding. In the first few months of training she has already been trail riding and camping. In the next year or two my plan is to start training Lacy for barrel racing. This was my very first time breaking out a horse on my own, but I am very pleased with the results, and I would do it all over again. The bond we have is unbreakable, Lacy doesn’t act like a horse she acts more like my pet dog.

- Rachael

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Circle Y Flex2 Tree

Many people ask about the Circle Y Flex2 Tree.  We decided to go inside the saddle and show you some of it's great features!  It's one of the best trees on the market; great for trail riders and running barrels.

Circle Y Flex2 Tree

The tree has a two part system that provides flexibility and stability.  The edges of the saddle (black bar) will flex to eliminate pressure points and allow better movement.  This flexibility makes your horse feel more comfortable and confident.  The center area underneath the rider has a thicker bar (white bar) that does not flex.  It helps distribute the rider's weight and gives strength to the tree.

The Flex2 Tree also has a wood swell, which helps keep a consistent fit that doesn't widen over time.
The ground seat on the saddle will prevent it from over-flexing and gives support for the rider's weight.

The black coating on the swell is DuraHide which adds strength and seals the tree from the elements.  It can even withstand temperatures from -50 to 350 degrees!

We get asked time and again, are flex trees bad for my horse?  Can a heavy rider use a flex tree?
Circle Y has been making these trees for years with great results, just ask Kelly Kaminski, Julie Goodnight, Martha Josey, and many more that use the Flex2 Tree!  They even make many models in 17inch and 18inch seat sizes specifically for larger riders to use.

The Flex2 comes in Regular size for the average build, higher withered horse and Wide size for the broader, mutton withered horse.  They even make a few models with an Extra Wide, Gaited, Arabian, and Mule fit.

Don't be afraid of a comfortable saddle!  Your horse will thank you for it!  Check them out right now at Horse Saddle Shop, #1 Circle Y Dealer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Girl and Her Horse: Reconnecting and Growing

Hey ya’ll, my name is Jorgi and I am an employee here at Horse Saddle Shop. I am the one behind the fashion posts and am known for loving the most gaudy cowgirl boots (all about Corral and Old Gringo). I have a beautiful quarter horse named Sydney, but the last few years I stopped riding frequently. However, this summer, when I got home from college, all I wanted to do was get back to my small country town roots and the way that felt the most natural was by riding my pretty girl. 
It has been an absolute joy to reconnect with her. Isn’t so cool how horses forgive so easily and love so abundantly?
But don't get me wrong, she is one sassy horse. She has mood swings that match her mommas, it’s a good thing that I have just a little more stubbornness in me than she does. For instance, I was riding last night and she refused to canter but I was not going to give up until she did. Once I was satisfied with her, I stopped, pet her mane, made kissy noises, and praised her. I suddenly felt a sting of pain so I pulled my leg up to inspect. Guess who didn't wear boots because it was supposed to be a quick ride? Yep, me. And guess whose ankles were rubbed raw and near bleeding? You're right again, me.
So here’s what I have learned these past weeks: Wear boots no matter how long you think you're riding (for goodness sake, I sell them!), love unconditionally like my girl, and ride fearlessly. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

MAILBAG: Did someone mess up?

Below are 2 pictures of the Billy Cook 2182 Arbuckle Wade Ranch saddle - one from the off side and one from the mounting side.   

One observant and curious customer recently asked...

Q: "Why is there an extra ring under the rigging dee on the mounting side - did someone mess up?" 
Here's the answer and a history lesson all at the same time.

A: Back in the day, cowboys often carried hobbles so that when they dismounted in a place where there was nothing to tie their horse to, they could put the hobbles on and know their horse wouldn't stray far.  So in the true spirit of the old west, Billy Cook puts this "hobble dee" on the Arbuckle Wade Ranch saddle to carry hobbles - or whatever else you might want to carry!

By the way, the Arbuckle Wade is our most popular ranch saddle.  Get a closer look at it here:  Billy Cook Arbuckle Wade Ranch Saddle


Friday, February 27, 2015

Highlighting Precision Trees

These well-made saddle trees are found in Reinsman Ranch Ropers and Circle Y XP Xtreme Performance saddles. What makes these trees unique?
Most traditional performance saddle trees (including ropers, barrel, and ranch) are covered in rawhide which is strong but also very heavy. The Precision Tree company is revolutionizing performance riding by using different combinations of materials/coatings including Kevlar, fiberglass and DURAhide. Their American-made trees are crafted from durable ponderosa pine; strong to the core.

Kevlar is the material used in bullet proof vests and is exceptionally strong (5 times stronger than steel) as well as remarkably light weight (43% lighter than typical fiberglass). 
Reinforcement fiberglass is also used at the stress points and a DURAhide coating is added to strengthen and protect the tree by sealing out air and moisture while protecting it from wear and corrosion.
Precision trees use a combination of these materials to create different levels of strength, depending on the intended use of each saddle. All Precision trees are covered with a lifetime warranty.
If you're looking for a solid performance saddle to outlast the toughest terrain and disciplines, visit now and look for xtreme performance saddles with the Precision tree.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tucker "FB" Trees 

You may have wondered why certain Tucker saddles come with the tree option "FB medium" or "FB wide" in addition to the usual medium, wide and extra wide.

The FB stands for "flatter barrel" and is designed to better fit the unique conformation of 'slab-sided' horses, or horses whose ribs have a smaller degree of curvature (as apposed to well-sprung ribs). Their ribs hang straight down on the sides, instead of outward and back. This is common of Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walkers, and Gaited horses.

Slab Sided, side view
Slab Sided, front view
Slab Sided Horse
Normal Horse
If your horse has slab-sided ribs or narrow chest cavity, it can be difficult to find a saddle that fits well because the bars may not match the shape of their barrel. You may want to consider these saddles with the "FB" tree for your horse:
Give us a call to speak with one of our saddle experts to see if your horse qualifies for the FB tree!