Thursday, June 11, 2015

Circle Y Flex2 Tree

Many people ask about the Circle Y Flex2 Tree.  We decided to go inside the saddle and show you some of it's great features!  It's one of the best trees on the market; great for trail riders and running barrels.

Circle Y Flex2 Tree

The tree has a two part system that provides flexibility and stability.  The edges of the saddle (black bar) will flex to eliminate pressure points and allow better movement.  This flexibility makes your horse feel more comfortable and confident.  The center area underneath the rider has a thicker bar (white bar) that does not flex.  It helps distribute the rider's weight and gives strength to the tree.

The Flex2 Tree also has a wood swell, which helps keep a consistent fit that doesn't widen over time.
The ground seat on the saddle will prevent it from over-flexing and gives support for the rider's weight.

The black coating on the swell is DuraHide which adds strength and seals the tree from the elements.  It can even withstand temperatures from -50 to 350 degrees!

We get asked time and again, are flex trees bad for my horse?  Can a heavy rider use a flex tree?
Circle Y has been making these trees for years with great results, just ask Kelly Kaminski, Julie Goodnight, Martha Josey, and many more that use the Flex2 Tree!  They even make many models in 17inch and 18inch seat sizes specifically for larger riders to use.

The Flex2 comes in Regular size for the average build, higher withered horse and Wide size for the broader, mutton withered horse.  They even make a few models with an Extra Wide, Gaited, Arabian, and Mule fit.

Don't be afraid of a comfortable saddle!  Your horse will thank you for it!  Check them out right now at Horse Saddle Shop, #1 Circle Y Dealer!