Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why a Used Saddle Makes a Great Gift

Why a Used Saddle Makes a Great Gift

Many of us would love to rub our eyes on Christmas morning and open them to a new saddle under the tree, complete with matching tack and accessories. Some of us can afford it, some of us can’t. If you’re looking to make the equine enthusiast in your house jump with joy this holiday season, why not think about purchasing a used saddle? It may not have all the glamour of a new saddle, but buying a used saddle as a gift has some distinct advantages over buying new.

1. You can still afford to buy the matching tack.
The most obvious reason to buy used is that it’s cheaper. A lower price tag isn’t always a good thing, but unlike that double wide trailer your uncle bought, most used saddles retain their value, especially if they’re leather. A two-year old saddle is going to be significantly cheaper than the same model bought brand new today, so you can still afford to buy the new pad and matching tack. I’d much rather take the whole package, wouldn’t you?

2. It’s already broken in.
Saddles get more comfortable with use. New leather has a “breaking in” period and sometimes it’s painful. The more it’s ridden, the softer and more comfy it is. Why not let someone else work the squeak out of it for you?

3. You won’t have to pay for it for the next six months.
We love selling brand new saddles, but it’s wise to choose something you can afford. Do you want to still be paying for that Christmas gift next July?

4. You still got a quality saddle without paying for the newness of it.
We all know that a new car dramatically drops in value the minute it’s driven off the lot, and while buying a new saddle doesn’t have the same kind of ratio as a new car, you’re still paying for the brand-spanking-newness of it. Let someone else take the hit.

5. The horse will never know the difference…neither will your friends.
Enough said.

Are you convinced? Don’t go rushing off to buy a saddle off ebay. We don’t recommend giving a used saddle as a gift unless you buy it from Why? Because most likely you can’t return it and if it doesn’t fit, the recipient is stuck with a useless gift. The Horse Saddle Shop backs all their used saddles with a 2 week return policy, so you can exchange the gift as needed.

Finally, it’s possible to give used with pride. So go ahead and make those horse-lovers think they’re dreaming come Christmas morning.