Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Girl and Her Horse: Reconnecting and Growing

Hey ya’ll, my name is Jorgi and I am an employee here at Horse Saddle Shop. I am the one behind the fashion posts and am known for loving the most gaudy cowgirl boots (all about Corral and Old Gringo). I have a beautiful quarter horse named Sydney, but the last few years I stopped riding frequently. However, this summer, when I got home from college, all I wanted to do was get back to my small country town roots and the way that felt the most natural was by riding my pretty girl. 
It has been an absolute joy to reconnect with her. Isn’t so cool how horses forgive so easily and love so abundantly?
But don't get me wrong, she is one sassy horse. She has mood swings that match her mommas, it’s a good thing that I have just a little more stubbornness in me than she does. For instance, I was riding last night and she refused to canter but I was not going to give up until she did. Once I was satisfied with her, I stopped, pet her mane, made kissy noises, and praised her. I suddenly felt a sting of pain so I pulled my leg up to inspect. Guess who didn't wear boots because it was supposed to be a quick ride? Yep, me. And guess whose ankles were rubbed raw and near bleeding? You're right again, me.
So here’s what I have learned these past weeks: Wear boots no matter how long you think you're riding (for goodness sake, I sell them!), love unconditionally like my girl, and ride fearlessly.