Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Most Popular Saddles of 2013: #3

This post is part of a series exploring the 10 most popular saddles from Horse Saddle Shop over the first half of 2013.

#3: Fabtron 'Lady Trail' 7152  | Price: $592.50

A saddle made with the female rider in mind, the Fabtron 'Lady Trail' 7152 takes our #3 spot in our Top 10 Saddles of 2013.

Now, just to be clear, this saddle isn't exclusively for a woman. But it is designed with features that appeal to a smaller rider.

Beginning with the weight, those that sometimes struggle to tack up or lug a large saddle around will appreciate the meager 22 pounds of the Fabtron Lady Trail. A short 24" Cordura skirt and fenders mixed with the American made leather jockey, pommel, and cantle make for a weight saving design. The Cordura fabric is exceptionally durable and resilient to wear.

The seat comes in an extra padded, rough-out design, available in 15", 16", or 17". Not only will you enjoy the extra padding on long trail rides, but the tall 5" cantle with cheyenne roll will provide exceptional back support all day long.

We like the long saddle strings for extra gear on the trail, but beyond that, you won't find too many other frills on this saddle. Not to worry though, for the price, you can always add a couple conchos or some silver to make it your own.

If you've ever sat in a synthetic saddle in person, many times they can be completely underwhelming. Not only are they synthetic, but they are made cheaply overseas. Not something that we would ever consider selling to our customers.

But this American made Fabtron is different. You'll be overwhelmed by the quality of the leather and craftsmanship of the saddle. Just read the reviews and see what our customers are saying. This saddle exceeds expectations every time.

When you buy the Fabtron Lady Trail, you're buying a saddle that will last years on the trail, and keep both horse and rider comfortable while doing it. All without breaking the bank.

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