Friday, July 3, 2009

Children's Book for Horse Lovers

We all know how important books are in the lives of our children (and grandchildren if you have them). We probably all have pages of our favorite picture books embedded forever in our minds. (Who among us doesn't have a picture of the man in the yellow hat buried deep in our grey matter!) Sticker books were the greatest books I could imagine as a kid. I can still taste the sticky stuff and see those dotted lines.
This week heard from Picthall & Gunzi,a UK based children's book publisher. They produce photographic educational books worldwide, for children between 0-10 years. Their books are designed to be educational, to encourage learning, and to be entertaining to children. They are currently designing a horse and pony book called My Horse and PonySticker Activity Book. The person in charge of research for images for this book saw our quality photographs of saddles and tack and asked us to work with them on this project by supplying images. Of course we will! What a great opportunity to use the talent at to reach into another sphere. The book is currently scheduled to be published in April 2010. We're excited about this opportunity and we're hopeful that the book will be released in the US for many of us who would enjoy giving it to a child we love.

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