Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cash discounts on select saddles

We've been giving away free Reinsman Tacky Too or Gel Impact pads for our Circle Y saddles for a few years now.    I've decided that we ought to expand your options of FREE GIFTS when buying saddles.  So, with select Circle Y saddles have added free matching headstall and reins or a $53.50 cash discount.  We have also added the $53.50 cash discount option to all of our Tucker saddles except the 138 Trooper which has a $25.50 cash discount.

You may wonder why we don't just reduce the price of the saddle.  Well, Tucker and Circle Y have a MAP agreement which restricts us to advertise their products at a price they dictate.  Our only legal remedy to give you the best deal, is to give stuff away when you make the purchase.

Be sure to read Stephanie's article on good vs bad quality saddles.  

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