Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Saddle pads are imortant too.

I gleam a good deal of information from equine related magazines. our forums though, have been my greatest source of reliable and beneficial information. Interaction with our customer, giving and receiving knowledge, troubleshooting fitting problems and issues, has also been an excellent generator of useful knowledge.

An obvious fact is that the saddle tree dimensions are important factors in getting a good fitting saddle. Similarly, finding the right pad is also very important in obtaining your goal of having a comfortable saddle fit. Just as there are different types and sizes of saddles, there too are different types and sizes of saddle pads. A quote from trailBLAZER magazine May 2007 issue states “Contour saddle pads are designed for the horse with a slight dip in their back or those with more prominent withers. The normal or straight saddle pad is used on horses with a normal conformation….” ironically I mentioned the exact thing when I explained the different applications for different saddle pads. Throughout this article I found the author and I, not only have the exact same thoughts but we also expressed them with the same words. Although, I expressed mine before she expressed hers.

I do recommend a study on which saddle pad would be best for your horse. It is an important factor in getting your horse the comfortable saddle fit. You can spend your money to purchase trailBLAZER magazine with the insightful article on the different saddle pads, or you can go to the non-cited source at http://www.horsesaddleshop.com/about-saddle-pads.html


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Iris|Saddle Pads said...

It's good that now a days saddle pads are designed for horses with some problem in their posture.

At least,they will also be used for riding.It's a great thing