Friday, June 22, 2007

..more blessed to give than to receive: Horse Charities

You see them on you local tack store bulletin board, you hear about them on your local country station, and you see them on the Internet. There are many horse lovers across this nation, but strikingly there are also many neglected horses across this nation as well. Some big hearted Americans have addressed this problem and are sacrificing much personal time and resources in caring for abandoned and neglected horses.

Dale (owner of The Saddle Shop in Bremen, IN and partner with me in every year makes it a point to help support a local rescue. That is great for his local store, but we too have a national website and thus a call to action. We have instituted a "Give 5% to Charities" program at Essentially, you the customer get to direct which charity the 5% of your online purchase will receive the 5% donation. We have a list of accepted horse charities and welcome many more to sign up. But, don't let a lack of purchasing from us prevent you from giving to local equine rescue programs. Please find a rescue close to you and see if they have a need that you could meet. After all, it is more blessed to give than to receive.


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