Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ima Jazzy Zippo

I often hear people telling me how their horse is just an animal and they don’t understand how someone can get so attached to a horse. I never knew how attached I could get to an animal until I got my horses! The bond I share with my horse is like no bond I’ve ever experienced before! Nothing can replace that bond.

I have had a few horses over the course of my life. I had bonds with each of them. However, the strongest of those bonds didn’t come until December 17th of 2015. This was the day that I purchased my current horse Jazz. I had purchased horses before and have been just fine with them. But after buying Jazz, everything changed! I not only got a new horse but I gained a best friend! The relationship that he and I share is indescribable! I now know what everyone was telling me about the bonds they share with their horses.

On December 17th I had looked at many horses and he was the last one on the list for the day’s road trip! As I pulled up, and walked into the barn I saw a girl brushing a tall, bay horse with two white socks and a white blaze! As he stood there patiently bobbing his head to the music playing overhead, I hoped and prayed that he and I would click! I mean after all who doesn’t want a horse with that much personality? I then saddled him and rode him around their indoor arena and fell in love with this big bay! It was at that moment that I knew I had to have him! This is the day that has given way to the great relationship I share with him today!

The one thing that stands out the most about Jazz is his personality. He always keeps you laughing. When I have a bad day, all I have to do is walk by the pasture gate and he comes running to see me and shower me in horse kisses! (Whether that is because he likes to see me or wants a butterscotch treat I’m not sure). With him, there is never a fun shortage! For example, it was Halloween and I was out cleaning stalls and went to my truck to grab a pair of gloves and came across a bag of candy corn. I thought to myself as I watched Jazz stand patiently by the barn door, “hmm I wonder if he would like candy corn.” I grabbed one out of the bag and took it over to him. He took it from my hand gently… then looked at me, raised his lip and spit it straight out on the ground! It’s moments like these that I wouldn’t trade my time spent with my horse for anything!

I’m so lucky to have the relationship that I do with him! I can only hope all you other horse lovers out there have the same relationship with your horses as I do mine, there really is nothing else like it!! No one understands the type of bond until they have themselves experienced it!


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