Friday, February 27, 2015

Highlighting Precision Trees

These well-made saddle trees are found in Reinsman Ranch Ropers and Circle Y XP Xtreme Performance saddles. What makes these trees unique?
Most traditional performance saddle trees (including ropers, barrel, and ranch) are covered in rawhide which is strong but also very heavy. The Precision Tree company is revolutionizing performance riding by using different combinations of materials/coatings including Kevlar, fiberglass and DURAhide. Their American-made trees are crafted from durable ponderosa pine; strong to the core.

Kevlar is the material used in bullet proof vests and is exceptionally strong (5 times stronger than steel) as well as remarkably light weight (43% lighter than typical fiberglass). 
Reinforcement fiberglass is also used at the stress points and a DURAhide coating is added to strengthen and protect the tree by sealing out air and moisture while protecting it from wear and corrosion.
Precision trees use a combination of these materials to create different levels of strength, depending on the intended use of each saddle. All Precision trees are covered with a lifetime warranty.
If you're looking for a solid performance saddle to outlast the toughest terrain and disciplines, visit now and look for xtreme performance saddles with the Precision tree.

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