Monday, November 3, 2014

Mailbag: How to Rig a Half Breed Off Billet

Q: Why do Billy Cook saddles and many others have a long strap instead of a traditional off billet on the off side of the saddle? How am I supposed to use this?

A: Many saddle makers now offer a longer strap on the off side called a "double off" or "half breed latigo" strap instead of a traditional off billet. The idea is that this strap be doubled up for better reinforcement and strength over time than the off billet.

Here are some steps to help the new user rig the off side with a half breed latigo:
  1. Put one end of the strap through the cinch ring until the ring is in the middle of the strap. The strap should be folded in two with the ends together and the cinch ring at the middle.
  2. Run the two loose ends through the dee ring on the right side of the saddle
  3. Bring the ends back around and run them back  through the cinch ring again. 
  4. Put the metal prong from the cinch through both layers of holes in the strap
  5. Then tuck the extra ends into the latigo keeper strap on the underside of the mohair cinch. 
Step 1 - Secure the cinch

Step 2 - Feed off billet through rigging

Step 3 - Make the second loop

Step 4 - Secure cinch with buckle

Step 5 - Use retaining strap for excess length

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Anonymous said...

Some saddles have an off side billet that is identical to the on side billet. Guest ranches use this set up because the wranglers are constantly checking cinches and sometimes the cinch gets too far over to the on side after a couple of tightenings. Having an off side latigo allows the rider to adjust the cinch back over to the middle without completely undoing the cinch.