Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Most Popular Saddles for Women

Need a saddle for a specific breed? Maybe a saddle to fit an odd confirmation? No problem. But when it comes to fitting a saddle for a specific gender, the saddle industry has fallen behind. It's no secret that women play a HUGE role in the equine community. From trail riding to barrels, roping to reigning and everywhere in between.

So we've put together a list of our most popular saddles for women. Enjoy. 

One of our most popular women's saddles to date, this Lady Flex is light, durable, and offers the support ladies enjoy on the trail. Fabtron saddles are made in the USA and this particular one features a flex tree along with long strings for all your trail gear. 

Crates has done a very nice job tailoring saddles specifically for women. This trail saddle features a strong fiberglass covered wood tree with a very narrow twist. We love the dropped C-plate rigging for a more balanced ride and less bulk under the jockey. 

This little gem is something you don't see everyday. A reiner made specifically for women. It features a narrow twist and butterfly skirt, providing less bulk and closer contact. You'll love the large border tooling and handmade craftsmanship. 

Yet another great ladies saddle from Crates, this lady trail saddle has a very short skirt, 4" cheyenne roll cantle, and long saddle strings. Adjustable rigging allows you to select the position that is appropriate for your horse. 

Last but not least, this Circle Y Julie Goodnight saddle rounds out our top five choices for ladies trail saddles. The Flex2 tree reduces weight and allows additional movement in the tips for your horse's comfort. Cutout skirts give riders the close contact feel their looking for. Designed and endorsed by Julie Goodnight for performance trail riding.

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