Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easy Fly Protection

Flies & Insects
Flies and insects are more than a pesky annoyance; they actually pose a serious threat to your horse’s health.

Insects carry a plethora of diseases that can be easily transferred to your horse including typhoid, dysentery, and tuberculosis. These diseases are often transferred when flies are allowed to reside around the nose or eyes, or through bites. In addition, even flies that don’t carry diseases often leave horses with painful bites that will swell and itch.

Furthermore, simply the nuisance of flies can cause horses to harm themselves in effort to escape them. Often, horses will resort to excessive stomping to rid themselves of flies, causing repeated, unnecessary strain to the ligaments and increasing the chances of losing a shoe.

There are many different ways to protect your horse from flies, both chemical and natural, but the surest way is through mesh sheets, masks, and boots. While fly sprays may seem like a good answer, in addition to requiring that you constantly keep your horse covered in chemicals, they don’t repel all insects equally. Different varieties of flies and insects carry varying levels of resistance to fly sprays. So what works on one type of fly may not work on another. Even the area of application has been shown to vary in effectiveness. One study showed that the thickness and length of hair can often effect how well the spray is absorbed.

When you want 100% fly protection without the hazards of chemicals, mesh protective horsewear is your answer. Fly masks, boots, and sheets are made of lightweight mesh that is impenetrable to flies but comfortable for horses – your number one concern.

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