Friday, April 2, 2010

We Touch Our Products

We have over 500 saddles in stock, and we don't hesitate to let it be known. Why, you might wonder, is this important? Well, not only do we enjoy having a brick-and-mortar store where we get to help local customers, but we owe it to our customers to know our products.

Many companies online are only dropshippers. This means that someone put up a retail website and is simply acting as the middleman between you and the manufacturer. These companies do not have an actual store, and they do not have any products. Most likely it is a person with a computer and an extra phone. When you place an order, they have the manufactuer ship it to you.

We do use drop shipping with our manufactuers if a customer orders something that we do not have in stock. However, our inventory is always being rebuilt, and we see, touch, and handle our products. Our saddle experts are not a joke; we know the saddles! I was recently browsing the subject of dropshipping and found a very interesting article proclaming how easy it is to become an online saddle dropshipper. These are actual quotes from this article:

"We have the saddles dropshipped so we never actually touch the product."

"We are not horse people at all. We have each ridden on a horse once or twice. You will need to do a couple of hours of research to find out a little bit about horses before you can start taking phone calls."

Is this the type of company you want to buy your saddle from? Our saddle experts are not only handling the products all the time, they're answering complicated saddle fit questions daily. Fitting all shapes and sizes of horses for people all across the globe is a constant learning process (not something you can glean from "a couple hours of research"), and our experts are always expanding their knowledge. Saddle dropshippers? Give us a break.

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Hook said...

I have been to the saddleshop. The selection is simply amazing.

I would have guessed more than 500.