Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cincinatti chooses Tucker Equitation Endurance saddles

While taking an overnight trip to Cincinatti with my family, we were able to catch a Cincinatti Reds baseball game. We’re actually Cubs fans but we always enjoy going to a major league game and seeing a park we haven’t seen before - the Great American Ballpark certainly lives up to its name. After the game while walking the streets to get to our van, it was my pleasure to meet three of Cincinatti’s mounted police. The department recently purchased sixteen Tucker Equitation Endurance saddles, and they are were very pleased with them. It was their first saddle purchase in eighteen years and based on the quality of Tucker saddles, I’m sure they will be enjoying these saddles for many years to come. Congratulations to Cincinatti for choosing a great saddle. If you know any mounted police, please put in a good word for!

We also visited the Creation Museum just southwest of Cincinatti. What a great monument to our all-wise and all-powerful God who has so generously created this beautiful world for us to enjoy Him in. It was very impressive, and so refreshing to see the truth of creation on display in a museum. I would recommend it anyone.

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