Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Trail Riding

Indiana may be one of the most inconspicuous states, but it is where the HorseSaddleShop calls home. Besides us and a good deal of other things, Indiana has fabulous fall foliage. The weather is turning chilly and the leaves are changing color, and that means fall trail riding is upon us. Every fall friends of ours go down to Brown County, IN, home of some of the most gorgeous trails around. They find it difficult to find words to tell us how stunning it is. In the winding forest trails you can only sit and wonder at the beauty of God’s world. The leaves are a thousand colors and they create a painting that would make Michelangelo ashamed to try. It’s not bad for a tiny corner of Indiana.
We hope you enjoy this fall season. We hope you enjoy your sweaters, hats, coffee, and horses, and we hope you enjoy your friends, but most of all we hope you enjoy Him who made it all. So bundle up, saddle up, ride out and enjoy yourselves, and when you get back tell us about it!

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