Friday, February 6, 2015

Rocking R 2387 Training Saddle...for the short-backed horse!

Did you ever notice that training saddle skirts are long?  They are usually 28-29 inches.  If these saddles swallow up your horse because of a short-coupled back, you might have a hard time finding a training saddle that doesn't interfere with your horse's hip motion.  Here's some good news for you : Rocking R Saddlery has designed a training saddle specifically for the short-backed horse.  Their model 2387 Trainer is only 26-1/4" for the 15" seat, 27" for the 16" seat, and 27-3/4 for the 17" seat.  It's a high quality saddle that offers a little more style than the typical all-roughout trainers.
For more details, check it out here:  Rocking R 2387 Training Saddle

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