Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Most Popular Saddles for Short Backed Quarter Horses

When we think about the traditional western saddle, we picture large, square skirts, long strings, some tooling, and saddle bags. That's perfect if your horse can handle it. But we've seen a growing need for saddles, especially ropers, reiners, cutters, and ranch saddles for a short backed quarter horse.

Large square skirts are immediately out of the picture and we fall back on some tried and true options from our American made manufacturers. 

Check out our list of most popular saddles for short backed quarter horses!

1. Circle Y Omaha Flex Tree Saddle 1554

One of our best selling Circle Y Trail Saddles, the Omaha is designed with a short, round skirt to accommodate a shorter backed horse. Long stings and a padded seat make this ideal for the trail. The in-skirt adjustable rigging will allow you to choose the best position for your specific horse.

2. Fabtron Extra Wide Haflinger Saddle

You don't necessarily think "performance" when you hear the word "Haflinger" but this is another breed that has been an after-thought in the saddle making community. We've partnered with Fabtron to bring you this exclusive Haflinger saddle with a short, round skirt and extra wide Haflinger tree. The Cordura skirt and fenders keep this saddle light, making it a cinch to throw across your horse.

3. Circle Y Walnut Grove Flex2 Trail Saddle

One of our favorites, this Circle Y saddle measures a mere 26" long and comes in a regular or wide flex tree for a little more forgiveness around your horse's shoulders. It still retains the long strings, tooling, and wood stirrups that you'd expect on a traditional western saddle.

4. Cashel Trail Saddle

Made with the AXIS True Fit saddles tree, Cashel developed this trail saddle with the short backed horse in mind. The short, round skirt provides plenty of room for hit and hind-quarter clearance. An adjustable position in-skirt rigging allows you to choose the best rigging position for your horse. Long strings, a mild cantle, and tall cheyenne roll make this a great choice for the trails.

5. Tucker High Plains Trail Saddle 260

Available in either a full or round skirt, this is one of our best selling Tucker's. Designed on a solid tree with Tucker's signature seat padding and ground seat. Choose from four rigging options and four tree widths on this saddle - allowing you to customize it to your horse!

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