Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Most Popular Saddles of 2013: #2

This post is part of a series exploring the 10 most popular saddles from Horse Saddle Shop over the first half of 2013.

#2: Billy Cook Arbuckle Wade Ranch 2182  | Price: $1,596.50

At just over $1,500, this Billy Cook ranch saddle isn't cheap, but with a little care, it will last generations. Let's take a look at why the Billy Cook 2182 comes in at #2 on our list of Most Popular Saddles of 2013.

This saddle is ready to do work. It's built on a Wade rawhide covered tree with wrapped horn and flat plate rigging. It comes with a 27 strand Mohair cinch and a matching tooled flank strap. So if you have a good saddle pad, you're ready to ride.

The genuine Billy Cook saddles out of Sulphur, OK are not as easy to get ahold of as they once were. Demand for Billy Cook saddles continues to increase. When you buy a Billy Cook, the saddle is just a fraction of what you are getting. You're receiving a piece of history and tradition from a saddle maker that has maintained a consistent manufacturing process for decades. A saddle like this, if well maintained, can last for generations.

Although some would debate the comfort of a hard seat, the #2 position of this saddle speaks for itself. The hard seat seen on most ranch saddles is beneficial for the working cowboy for two reasons: 1) it's easier to get in and out of the seat, and 2) it stays cool where a padded seat would get hot and promote perspiration, making for a pretty uncomfortable day in the saddle.

The tooling on this saddle is impeccable. The waffle border is just enough to give this saddle some character, but still keep the price competitive with other ranch saddles.

We love the Billy Cook logos and tooled signature behind the cantle. There will be no question what you're riding when you're in this saddle.

The 2182 comes with nice long saddle strings and rawhide laced stirrups. We love the rawhide straight roll cantle that turns up on a lot of the Billy Cook ranch saddles.

If you're looking for a great fit to your ranch lifestyle or a tough saddle for packing up the trails, give the Arbuckle Wade a look.

You can get more information on this saddle including a video review, over at HorseSaddleShop.com.

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