Monday, April 29, 2013

Stamp Out Hunger

This year Horse Saddle Shop is teaming up with the USPS to Stamp Out Hunger. Every year in May the USPS organize the largest one day food drive in the nation. This year, we want to help. We're offering 1% off for every 1lb. of food brought into our Bremen store (up to 10%).


Just bring in a bag, or two, or three, ... to our Bremen, IN location. We'll weigh your donation and give you the appropriate savings off of your same day purchase.


In general, any non-perishable food will work. If you're having a hard time finding something or just need a few ideas, below is a list of general food items and infant/baby items that you might consider including.

General food items:Oatmeal
Whole grain pastas
Brown rice
Tomato products
Canned vegetables
Canned fruit, especially with low sugar
Canned fish or meat
Shelf-stable milk
Beef stew, chili and similar meals

Infant and baby items:Baby formula
Canned milk
Infant cereal
Jars of baby food
Powdered or canned milk
Baby Diapers

And even if you can't make it into the store by May 11th, don't forget to put some non-perishable food by your mailbox on May 11th for your local letter carrier to collect!

Terms & Conditions: Sale includes all in-stock merchandise with the exception of saddles. Discount will be applied at the time of purchase, valid through May 11, 2013. Discount is limited to one per customer and a maximum of 10% off your total purchase.

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