Friday, April 1, 2011

Yak Saddle Shop - Our newest venture

We have been dropping lots of news bombs lately----lots of new products, a brand new retail store in Bremen, and now we're ready to unveil what might be our most exciting venture yet. Due to high demand and constant pestering of our customers who own yaks, we are launching That's right. You'll now be able to dress your yak in style and ride in comfort. Forget riding a plain, uncomfortable yak. Your yak can now shop leisurely for horn wraps, forehead bows, noserings, and the most comfortable saddles imaginable. While you're freezing in the mountain terrain, you'll have the warmth that comes from your yak looking great.

(crickets chirping)


Anonymous said...

Dang! And here I was seriously looking for a Yak saddle. I was so excited. My kids do ride ours, but only with a blanket. Good thing my sister in law is headed to Nepal soon.

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a bummer this was in jest - it was a top result in a sincere Google search for yak saddles and accessories!

Maybe one day there will be some quality US options out there. :)