Monday, March 8, 2010

Guns and Steers Required

If you're one of our many trail-riding customers, you might not have noticed some of the more interesting saddles we've collected specifically for some neat western disciplines. And even if you're not into shooting guns or wrestling steers while riding, they're worth a peek.

Case in point #1: Mounted Shooting

Ever wanted to ride your horse around at a high pace, firing your pistols left and right? Me neither. But it is entertaining.

Circle Y is the only one of our manufacturers that's taken a plunge into mounted shooting, and as far as we can tell, they've done the discipline justice. Mounted shooting saddles are lightweight and, much like a barrel racer, well suited for the back and forth motion of the horse's maneuvering. Roughout fenders and jockeys will keep you snug and secure while your guns are blazing. The most obvious feature that sets the mounted shooters from other saddles is that the horn is tilted forward. So Annie can get her guns.

Here's a video that features some information on mounted shooting:

Case in Point #2: Steer Wrestling

Ever wanted to jump out of the saddle and wrestle a steer to the ground? The saddle experts do it all the time on their lunch breaks. Ok, maybe not, but our Crates Steer Wrestler would be just the thing they'd use if they did.

As you can see in the video below, a steer wrestler has to be able to smoothly slide sideways out of the saddle, while being able to hang on to the horn at the same time. This model has a flat, low cantle so that the rider's hips have freedom to go sideways, as well as a very sturdy horn for a good grip. The easier the slide, the better the time.

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